About Us

Our story:

One day a boy asked his sister to help him shop some clothes for his date. His sister, passionate about fashion and shopping, happily agreed. They went to a branded store and she picked out some amazing styles, however the cost of clothes was through the roof. The boy slightly disappointed said to her sister that he wished he owned that store. His sister chuckled and replied she wished that she worked in that store. There it was. Radhika Gumber was born.

Our Mission:

It is our passion for fashion that has given birth to this store and it is that passion that drives us to not just provide you with any clothes or jewelry, we strive to bring you the latest, different, and the best products in the market. To bring to you international women wear with unusual fabrics and fusion of styles, as well as western outfits with unique combinations of Indian fabrics, texturing and detailing. Our mission is not only for customers to shop from the website, but also to get a unique and truly enchanting user experience.

Our Vision:

We hope to be a brand recognised worldwide for the quality of our products. Our vision is to create a global fashion and apparel brand and that our customer co-relate Radhika Gumber with trust and quality.

Our Founders


Radhika Gumber –  Founder

A home-maker turned entrepreneur, a fashion enthusiast who believes happiness is dancing!
With the fast paced fashion industry, we bring to you trends  that enhance your style; and are comfortable! Each n every girl is beautiful in her own unique way, and therefore each  girl’s fashion statement  ought to be different.  We at Radhika Gumber try to bring to you such unique, yet comfortable styles to suit your personality!
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Daksh Gumber – Co-Founder

Techie, Avid Reader, Fitness enthusiast , Entrepreneur , Traveler , Autodidact

“Customers are at the center of our business. We at Radhika Gumber strive to work towards our motto of ‘Once a customer, always a customer’. Our biggest asset is our customers , our business and sustainability strategy is customer loyalty , and our marketing strategy is word of mouth.”

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