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Our Leather Products

Leather is a natural product produced as a by-product of animal hides (mostly cows, steer, and water buffalo). Due to the lifestyle of the animals, leather will always have natural markings such as brands, insect bites, scars, fat wrinkles, stretch marks, abrasions, and burns. These natural markings are not considered defects but rather are indications of true full top grain leather. Some natural markings may be less evident in leathers that have had the top grain altered via sanding processes and then covered up with pigments. These leathers tend to be more uniform in colour and texture but sacrifice the natural softness and raw beauty of the product. Most high quality leathers are only stained with translucent dyes that allow all the natural beauty of the leather to show including the markings mentioned above. Changes in the colour of the leather and signs of wear are natural and normal. In addition to these distinct characteristics, the leather may also vary (some-times excessively) in dye lot coloration, much like the staining of wood products.

The leather products sold on our Website have been [hand crafted] from high quality genuine leather. We recommend that you treat your leather items with care and limit exposure to direct heat and sunlight. Keep the product dry and avoid contact with water, oil, grease and abrasive chemicals. Care should be taken when using this product as colour transfer can occur. Do not use any chemical cleaners except trusted leather protectors and conditioners to care for this product.


In case you are unsatisfied with the product received from Radhikagumber.com, you may contact the customer care team at support@radhikagumber.com with your complaints/ feedback.

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